Primary school

CSRP has developed multi-year mental health promotion programs targeting for Primary 4 to 6 students. “The Adventures of DoReMiFa” is a school-based and web-based universal programme developed for P.4 students. It consists of 8 school-based lessons and 11 web-based lessons. In Primary 5 and 6, we have developed 8 school-based lessons for each grade around the theme of Character Strengths. Tables below show the programme outline for each grade:

Primary 4 – The Adventure of DoReMiFa

Lesson Topic
1 Introduction and Emotional Management I
2 Emotional Management II
3 Cognitive Behavioral Model
Distorted Thoughts
4 Cognitive Behavioral Model
Cognitive Restructuring
5 Problem-Solving Skills
6 Social and Communication Skills
7 Empathy I
8 Empathy II
9 Gratitude
10 Conclusion and Summary

Primary 5

Lesson Topic
1 Introduction to Character Strengths
2 Virtue of Humanity – Love
3 Virtue of Humanity – Kindness
4 Virtue of Humanity – Social Intelligence
5 Virtue of Transcendence – Gratitude and Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence
6 Virtue of Transcendence – Hope
7 Virtue of Justice – Teamwork
8 Review and Summary

Primary 6

Lesson Topic
1 Introduction to Character Strengths
2 Virtue of Courage – Bravery
3 Virtue of Courage – Perseverance
4 Virtue of Temperance – Self-regulation
5 Virtue of Wisdom – Judgment
6 Virtue of Temperance – Prudence
7 Virtue of Wisdom – Creativity
8 Review and Summary

Apart from the universal program, a selective group programme “Let Me Shine” on character strengths and goal-setting is developed for students with greater psycho-social needs.