Secondary school

Similar to the primary school program, CSRP has also developed multi-year mental health promotion programs for secondary schools, targeting for Secondary 1 to 3 students. “Out of the Dark”  is developed for Secondary 1 students, schools can choose to run the school-based program or school cum web-based program. In Secondary 2 and 3, programs aim to further enhance students’ social skills by focusing on topics like empathy, assertiveness, forgiveness, and conflict management. Tables below show the outline of the programme outline for each grade:

Secondary 1

Lesson Content
School cum Web-based Program School-based Program
1 Understanding Emotions Understanding Emotions
2 Emotional Management Emotional Management
3 Character Strengths Character Strengths
4 Character Strengths in Action Character Strengths in Action
5 Communication Barriers Communication Skills
6 Effective Communications Assertive Communication
7 Empathy Empathy 1
8 Conflict Resolution Empathy 2
9 Gratitude Gratitude
10 Revision and Summary Revision and Conclusion
SP L1 Introduction to Mental Health
SP L2 Assertive Communication

Secondary 2

Lesson Content
1 Introduction to Empathy
2 Identifying One’s Emotions
3 Identifying Others’ Emotions
4 Understanding Others
5 Active Listening & Trust Building
6 Experiential Learning – Applying Empathy
7 Conflict Resolution 1
8 Conflict Resolution 2
9 Summary

Secondary 3

Lesson Content
1 Empathy 1
2 Empathy 2
3 Assertive Skills
4 Experiential Learning – Applying Empathy
5 Giving an Apology 1
6 Giving an Apology 2
7 Forgiveness
8 Summary