A New Phase for QTN

The University of Hong Kong (CSRP) started the QEF Thematic Network (QTN) on Developing Students’ Positive Attitudes and Values in April 2015 and the project was successfully completed in August 2019. With the continuous support from the Quality Education Fund (QEF), an extension phase of the original QTN project commenced in September 2019, titled QEF Thematic Network (QTN) on Promoting Wellness in School (共建卓悅校園). Apart from serving primary and secondary schools, the new phase further extends our successful experience and good practices onto kindergartens.

There are 3 phases in this QTN-II project. Below shows the project period for each phase.

Stage Project Period
Phase I Sept 2019 – Aug 2021 (24 months)
Phase II Sept 2021 – Aug 2023 (24 months)
Phase III Sept 2023 – Aug 2024 (12 months)

Phase I

Phase I focuses on the development of a practice guide for primary and secondary schools on wellness promotion and education. Implementation and evaluation of universal and selective mental health promotion programs, which are developed in the original QTN project in primary and secondary schools, still continue. Collaboration with kindergartens starts with character-strengths building for K2 students. Also, parent education program will be the other foci of this QTN-II project.

Phase II and III

In Phase II, we will work on creating a shared vision on wellness promotion and practice guide for schools in achieving wellbeing-first school status and disseminating good practices to all schools in Hong Kong on wellbeing promotion and education. After gathering all the useful information in the previous two phases, CSRP will establish a Mental Wellness Resource Hub in Phase III for knowledge exchange activities for all schools in Hong Kong, especially relating to mental health promotion, suicide prevention and bereavement support activities.