Vision and Mission

Bringing together the mental health prevention and enhancement work, QTN project team believes the importance of promoting positive well-being and education in schools of Hong Kong. We aim to cultivate each and every student to develop positive attitudes and values via various skills learning. Teachers of core, core* and partner schools are supported by our team on programme development, implementation and evaluation. They will be equipped with adequate skills and knowledge to implement mental health education programmes. Through this, we aim to build school capacity, such that teachers will be empowered to sustain student mental health programmes and to cultivate positive school climate to become a wellbeing-first school. In turn, we hope to generate and disseminate evidence-based and good practices in different schools.

The goal and objectives of QTN are:

Goal: To transform all participated schools into wellbeing-first schools where the wellbeing of students will be placed as the top priority.


  1. To create a shared vision on wellness promotion with schools
  2. To promote a holistic approach to mental wellness by adopting biopsychosocial model
  3. To enhance parent-child relationships and nurture positive parenting
  4. To transfer the good practices and knowledge onto kindergartens
  5. To establish a Mental Wellness Resource Hub for wellness education for different stakeholders in the community